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Meet some of our Residents

We value all life and we love caring for and living with the animals who call our sanctuary home. Farm animals are smart, curious and all have different personalities, always doing interesting and exciting things, so for all the latest news and follow us on Instagram.

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Antonio the steer is a mamma’s boy and a major foodie. Some of his favorite foods are papaya and banana, and he often sticks his tongue out for treats. His love for eating propelled him into becoming the world’s first painting cow, and people have remarked that he’s smarter than most dogs they know! 

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Vixen is the most curious of all our residents, and will investigate anything that’s new. He even solves puzzle toys meant for dogs, though he’s not as fast at solving them as the pigs. Vixen is an alpha goat, but he’s a softie when it comes to humans— he loves petting and cuddles!

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Chans had been living on a slab of concrete, destined for slaughter, until he was pardoned from a Homestead slaughterhouse by the mayor during Miami’s annual pig pardoning! Without Aguacate Sanctuary, he might not have found a suitable home where he’d be safe from becoming lechon. Despite being far from a mini pig, Chans knows plenty of tricks like “spin”, “sit”, and “touch”, and takes treats gently.

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Daisy loves baby birds; she adopts ducklings as her own and honks if you try to separate them! Interestingly enough, she’ll take it upon herself to break up scuffles between the chickens, even though there’s nothing in it for her. As an Emden goose, Daisy can live to be 25 years old with proper care, a stark difference from being slaughtered at 15 weeks on a farm. 

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